Changelog #02

First Pre-Alpha version released for testing! Happy New Year 2020!
Available features in this build:
- Weapons: M4A1
- Maps: Demo Map (Island)
- Character: 1 Soldier character
- Realistic Bullet Ballistics
- WIP Main Menu

Stay tuned for more updates and changelogs!

Changelog #01

This is the first Pre-Alpha build for testing and first ever changelog, although there is not much to write here since it is the first build.
But we can list some things that are in-game at the moment:
- Weapons: M4A1, AKM
- Maps: Demo Map (Island)
- Character: 1 Soldier character

That's all for now, happy testing!

Welcome to Vowed Closed Pre-Alpha Testing!

We are pleased to announce and show our progress to public, but before we can do that we really need your help testing the game in order to polish, improve or redesign whatever that is needed. We worked really hard to get this far and we would appreciate honest and constructive criticism and feedback. Join our discord channel and share your experience with our game in #feedback! Happy testing!